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Garth’s Tattoo studio is home to some of the UK’s most talented tattoo artists. Award-winning, our tattooists are located in our Kent studio (Deal, CT14) and welcome customers from across the country (UK). With over 60 year’s experience, we are expert tattooists who can offer most tattoo styles. All tattoos are freehand and bespoke is our speciality. Check out our tattooists’ work below.


So I’m Garth – as it says above the door. I have been a professional tattoo artist since 1998. I moved to Deal (Kent) in 2002 and in 2007 launched Garth’s Tattoo Studio.
I started drawing and tattooing in the late 90s and cut my teeth hanging around various studios. I would gain any titbits of information that I could as back then it was still underground.
My main ethos for what a tattoo studio should provide is what I wanted as a customer. A reliable service, fair prices, as well as a clean and hygienic environment. Most importantly I wanted tattooist artists who understand a wealth of tattoo styles.
I always wanted to create a studio filled with talented tattoo artists. I’ve now got Max, Martin, Mel, Tony and Chelsea. We have guest artists doing visiting spots which is great as we can offer most styles of tattoos.



I’m Max and I have been around the tattoo industry my whole life. As a young boy, I spent a lot of time in my Dad’s tattoo studio in Crawley where I grew up. It inspired me to become a professional tattoo artist and a thirst to learn more.

I have travelled to many places in order to gain experience and add fresh input into my tattoo technique. I love to travel and have developed my craft around the globe.

I enjoy working at tattoo conventions and I managed to pick up awards, which is an achievement I am very proud of.

I have worked at Garth’s Tattoo Studio for almost ten years now as a resident artist. A decade in I still enjoy planning different guest spots to keep my ideas and work fresh.



Hi, my name is Melissa, I am a female tattoo artist based in Kent.
I studied tattooing under Garth before turning professional in 2013. My background is Fine Art so I enjoy creating a range of tattoo styles. I am all about the attention to detail and positioning.
I really enjoy creating character and portrait tattoos. but I also enjoy the challenge of a coverup tattoo. In my spare time, I like to create a variety of artwork from digital to larger mixed media pieces. Most of which can be transferred into tattoo designs.
I love to design and create bespoke artwork for peoples’ tattoos. I look forward to creating your original tattoo.



Born in Birkenhead in 1984, I have spent the majority of my 35 years in Deal.

I have always had an affinity with art, drawing and precision as a way of expressing myself.

When I was about 18 I enquired about a tattoo apprenticeship but was faced with a very dismissive person and poor information, so I spent many years trying out different job roles, gaining experience and qualifications across many fields before I was led back to the path of tattooing around 7 years ago.

Some of my proudest achievements prior to starting at Garth’s and having beautiful twins with my amazing partner Meg, include creating a hand-painted backdrop for a psychedelic trance night in Nottingham, which was used for events in London. I worked my ass off to get a 1st class degree in sustainable design at The University of Derby where I discovered a passion for woodturning, later going on to produce bespoke handmade wooden ear stretchers.

I went from a kitchen porter to a head chef in a local restaurant, and proudly finished my career as a chef making artisan pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven.

It was whilst cheffing that I decided to leap into tattooing, so I got an apprenticeship in a studio in deal on my days off from cooking and worked hard to get where I find myself today.

I love all kinds of tattoos and enjoy learning more every day about the technique and history of our craft. My favourite style of tattooing is dot work, which I taught myself, first hand poking my left arm for about 40 hours (not in one go!) It wasn’t until I started working at Garth’s that I was really pushed into trying out all of the varieties of tattoos available, I also love whip shading the shit out of flowers, who wants some flowers?

Thanks to all my current and future customers for their trust, support and patience.



I was born in Basildon in 1994. I grew up in the Essex town spending most of my time drawing cartoons, portraits and landscapes for fun.
My love for art changed when at the age of 16 I joined the sixth form at school. My teachers tried to point me towards different career paths. Yet tattooing was something that would reoccur in my head time and time again.
In 2012, after 3 years of building my portfolio, I decided to look for an apprenticeship. I came across a studio that had not long been open – Thunder Tatts. I was lucky enough to learn from a new up-and-coming artist Sam Butler and my mentor Darren. I soon picked up a machine and started tattooing professionally.
Since then I have moved from studio to studio, learning from my peers and working hard to achieve the best work I can. Tattooing is my passion. I have had to work hard and be dedicated to my profession.
I have now moved from Essex down to Deal where I hope I can continue my life journey of learning. My favourite type of tattoo style is black and grey realism. Other styles I enjoy are traditional, script, modern, and simplistic designs.




How much do tattoos cost?

It depends on the size and difficulty.

The total price is determined by the number of hours taken

It’s best to call us for a free consultation and quote.




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