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Is It OK to get a Tattoo when PREGNANT

Being pregnant could be cause to get a memorable tattoo to mark the occasion or simply you want to add to an existing piece. Before you rush in, read our article below.

What are the risks of getting a tattoo when pregnant?

Medical experts suggest avoiding getting tattoos whilst pregnant due to the risks to your unborn child. First of all, there is the risk of contracting various infections. In severe cases, this could be long-term infections such as HIV or Hepatitis B. During pregnancy it is easier to pass on any infection to your child as you share blood.

It is recommended that you delay going ahead with a new tattoo even if your child has been born. If you plan on breastfeeding, then you could place your child at risk. This is because your milk is a bodily fluid passed to your child. It could carry pathogens which could harm your baby.

For NHS advice, you can download a leaflet here.

The second risk according to the American Pregnancy Association is the risk of tattoo inks. There is very little in the way of scientific certainty as to the effects of the chemical dangers tattoo inks pose during pregnancy. Studies have shown that it is possible that the chemicals in the tattoo ink may affect the development of the baby during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

Will my tattoo look good after pregnancy?

You don’t need us to tell you that your body is going to change during pregnancy. As a result, your skin is likely to stretch as you go through each trimester. Existing tattoos around your stomach and chest areas will likely stretch, discolour and potentially distort.

We recommend that if your plan is to have a tattoo in the abdomen area, then wait until you have had your last child. This way your tattoo will be more in line with how you planned it to look. Alternatively, if you wish to move ahead with a tattoo whilst pregnant or just after the birth then we suggest getting it on a body part which will be less affected. Consider tattoo placement on your hands, legs, arms, shoulders or your back. PLEASE NOTE THAT GARTHS TATTOOS WILL NOT TATTOO ANYONE WHO IS PREGNANT.

How to keep tattoos looking good during pregnancy?

You may have existing tattoos in areas that will be affected by the changes to your body during pregnancy. To avoid tattoos becoming stretched and distorted, take care of your skin. Use moisturisers on a daily basis to improve your skin’s elasticity and appearance. Learn more about pregnancy skincare here.

In summary…

We do not advise that you get a tattoo whilst pregnant in order to mitigate the risk of infection to your unborn child.

Not only this but consider how your body will change during pregnancy. Your skin is the canvas for your tattoo. It may stretch and distort during the 9 months of pregnancy.

If you still wish to proceed then we recommend avoiding getting tattoos on areas of the body that will be affected by pregnancy.

Garths Tattoos will refuse to tattoo anyone who is pregnant. Please be responsible.

For more information, give one of our artists a call or book your post-birth tattoo now.

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