Cover-ups and Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal Kent

With the last two decades seeing a growing popularity in tattoo and body art, it was inevitable people were not going to get everything right.

From customers choosing poorly or rushing decisions to tattoo artists delivering substandard work or not understanding what the customer wanted. The growing need for cover-ups and laser tattoo removal has never been so large.

For me (Garth), the main issue with cover up tattoos is surrounding the customers’ expectations. Tattoos are not like simply repainting your living room. If your tattoos have strong lines, covering large areas of bold colour, then they are going to be difficult to cover. The original tattoo will come through once the new design has healed.

With the growing popularity of soft black and grey shaded or pattern tattoos, cover-ups have become even more tricky as these styles are simply no good for covering old ink. This is why Garth’s Tattoo Studio invested in laser. It’s possible to lighten the ink and soften the lines to an extent they will not show through. It’s also going to be probable you’ll need more than one pass with the new design to cover the old one sufficiently.

We will advise you of this as every situation is unique. There is no easy answer. Every tattoo reacts differently to the laser so the “how many sessions will it take?” Question is always unfortunately impossible to answer.

We will only give you what we feel is good advice. You carry our name bearing your tattoos.

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How to Get A Tattoo

Cover Up Tattoo for Arms at Garths CT14 (4)

Most of our customers will trawl the internet looking for tattoo inspiration and this is a good starting point. Creating a folder of tattoo designs that you like can really narrow down your preferences and aid your tattoo artist. We recommend that you create a folder of your favourite tattoo styles and bring these with you when you attend your tattoo artist consultation. You can save the images on your phone or print them off. Either way is fine.

Run a google search for local tattoo artists/studios or consult people you know for recommendations. Check that they have good customer reviews (Facebook and Google). Check out the artists and their work. Make use of the business’s website and social media pages. This will give you a feel for the styles and quality available. The best guidance we can give is to look through the tattoo galleries on our website and choose the artist you think is best suited. If you aren’t sure simply ask we will direct you.

Contact your chosen tattoo studio and book a consultation meeting with your chosen artist. You can contact garths tattoo studio via their website or social media platforms. At this stage do not request pricing! We cannot and will not give prices without seeing you first.

All tattoo artists based at Garth’s Tattoo studio creates bespoke tattoos. It is important to understand that a tattoo artist would never simply trace a picture of another tattoo. At garth’s tattoo studio we draw or find suitable references to create a design for you. Because of this, it’s impossible to accurately price your work from an initial idea unless it is a small simple one-off design.

We work in a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The consultation meeting is a very informal chat with the tattoo artist you have chosen. You can present your wants and the tattoo artist will advise you on options, pricing, timings and availability.

You can book your tattoo following the consultation meeting. Garth’s tattoo studio requires a booking fee to be paid at the point of booking. The booking fee will be deducted from the final price of your tattoo. Unfortunately, we have to take a deposit due to some historical instances where people have booked tattoos and then not attended.

Garth’s tattoo’s artists charge by the hour or a set day rate for big session work. Pricing can be discussed in the consultation meeting. Between that initial consultation and the appointment, you can chat with your artist via messages and discuss your tattoo further. On the day you will arrive with everything ready and that way things go how they should. We only charge for tattooing time.

We are a busy studio with people travelling from near and far so unless we have a cancellation, please be prepared to be patient and wait for the first booking. You can use this time to make sure what you’re getting is 100%. We see a lot of people who have rushed and gone to less busy studios and regretted it. In some instances, we’ve been able to improve their work but a lot we simply can’t. This is why we offer laser tattoo removal. This primarily is to lighten tattoos for cover-ups.

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